Wiring devices & connectivity

Innovative NEC and IEC electrical connectivity and control solutions that provide reliable, efficient and safe power management in your facility, job site and home.


Our selection of code compliant devices offers valuable electrical protection. Choose from Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters that reduce the risk of fire to Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter cable assemblies, receptacles, and portable GFCI kits that protect against electrical shock, as well as circuit breakers. We offer AFCI, GFCI and AF/GF outlets for non-hazardous and hazardous environments.

Automation and Network Connectors

Improve the efficiency, safety and uptime of your industrial automation applications. 

Mini and micro-mini corsets and receptacles are designed for reliable performance in automation applications where power or signal connections are exposed to long-term physical stresses like flexing and vibration and are subjected to liquids, oils, contaminants, hot chips or welding flash.

British Standard Wiring Accessories

Our wiring accessory ranges offer limitless choice. No matter the look, feel, function or feature – all wiring accessories are flexible enough to suit every requirement. The ranges have been created to be elegant, using a clean design and established materials to deliver a modern aesthetic appearance. The decision to switch on is simple.

Cable and cord reels –SDR Static Discharge Reels and W Series Cable Reels

W Series cable reels are designed for the constant pull of a machine and offer reliable operation in industrial applications, including traveling cars, mobile hoists and various objects being lifted under power, such as lifting magnets on cranes.

Crouse-Hinds series SDR static discharge cable reels are used for grounding portable machines and equipment in hazardous areas, such as fuel transfer trucks, grain elevators, dockside loading facilities and barges.  When properly clamped to ground, the static discharge reel safely dissipates static electrical build-up and reduces the chance of sparking and the potential for explosion.

Industrial connectors and cable assemblies

For over 55 years, we have offered an extensive range of connectors and cable assemblies for critical industrial applications. Our array of products provides proven topologies that can be leveraged to quickly develop cost-effective, modified and custom solutions.

Lighting controls and connected systems

Bridging state of the art lighting control with contemporary aesthetics, our lighting controls can reduce energy usage, simplify code compliance, and improve the ambiance of a room. Designed for residential or single room commercial or industrial applications. Our Wiring Devices’ line of dimmers, timers, fan controls, sensors and wireless devices put the power of control in your hands.

Locking devices

Locking devices provide rugged construction, extensive configurations and numerous interlocked designs that provide reliable NEMA, non-NEMA, NEC and IEC solutions for the most demanding environments.

Metallic finish devices and wallplates

Our wiring devices in metallic finish are the perfect way to add a sophisticated accent to your home. Designed to match the style of contemporary hardware and appliances, these devices and wallplates add a touch of elegance to any room. Choose from Oil Rubbed Bronze or Silver Granite finish.

Mil-Aero connectors and cable assemblies

Qualified to military and aerospace standards, our connectors and cable assemblies are designed to operate in harsh environments ranging from deep sea to deep space. We also offer standard products as well as customized designs to meet your specific requirements.

Mining Connectivity Solutions

Our Crouse-Hinds series high voltage coupling systems and medium voltage connectors are designed for safe and reliabe performance under the most severe mining conditions.  These connectors withstand physical abuse and effectively seal against water, dust, and contaminants.

Whether your supplying power to draglines, longwall machines, cranes, drills, conveyors or shuttle cars, we have a rugged and dependable connector solution to meet your needs.

Multipin systems

Our Crouse-Hinds series Multi-pin Devices are engineered to excel in installations where the connectors are exposed to extreme temperatures, dust, dirt, water, corrosion and chemicals.

Provides heavy-duty control and instrumentation power in both hazardous area and harsh, industrial locations.

Pin and sleeve devices

Rugged construction, extensive configurations and certifications, custom capabilities and numerous designs provide reliable NEC and IEC solutions for fixed or portable power applications in commercial, industrial and hazardous areas.


Straight blade receptacles cover the full range of residential, hospital, industrial, construction and commercial grades along with special solutions like tamper resistant, GFCI, corrosion resistant, severe duty insulated and watertight solutions.

Single Pole Devices

Replaces expensive and bulky multi-conductor cables and allows for the use of lighter, single-conductor cables rated at higher amperages.  The color-coded, quick-connect devices are built to take heavy abuse while providing a simple, secure and safe connection.

Straight blade devices

Our extensive offering of straight blade devices covers the full range of residential, hospital, industrial and commercial specification grades along with special solutions like watertight, severe duty and corrosion resistant designs for unique, complex environments.


Our full line of decorator and standard toggle switches is perfect for residential and commercial applications. Our heavy-duty and hazardous area switches provide safety, reliability and long-term durability in industrial environments. All switches are engineered for smooth action and years of safe, dependable service no matter what the application.

Wallplates and protective covers

Our wallplates and weather protective covers are designed for impact, corrosion and UV resistance and are available in various gang configurations, sizes and colors. The heavy duty constructed wallplates and code compliant covers are ideal for commercial and residential environments and provide high performance indoors and in outdoor climates and high traffic areas. 

Watertight devices

Watertight devices provide safe and reliable connectivity in the harshest indoor and outdoor environments, including wet locations, high-pressure spray, UV and ozone exposure, and prolonged contact with chemicals and oils.

Weatherproof and While-in-Use boxes and covers

Our weatherproof and while-use-use devices for use in branch circuit wiring offer rugged, versatile designs that provide additional protection against various elements such as rain, snow and ice.

Wireless communications

Add enhanced automation and wireless control to your connected home with our home automation products. Our connected products provide users with simple, intuitive solutions for automation, connectivity, security and energy management. Designed for reliable and easy installation, our connected home system integrates with a variety of smart home devices.

Wire mesh grips

Our complete offering of wire mesh grips is built tough for industrial applications. The broad selection of strain relief, pulling, and support grips are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to serve all of your cable protection needs.