Speed Measurement

Speed Measurement Solution boasts high accuracy and low detection deviation. It excels in scenarios on both high- and low-speed roads. It can effectively regulate driver behavior, reduce traffic accidents caused by driving too fast or too slow, and elevate road safety. Over all, the solution improves the efficiency of road safety management for governments, enterprises, and users in general.

Key technology

Radar video fusion technology

Coordinating radar and video systems are transformed and unified in time and space through an AI-fusion algorithm.

The target position, speed, characteristics and other information are identified to carry out high-precision, long-distance and all-weather detection and analysis.

AI deep learning

High recognition and detection accuracy of target attributes.

Advanced, deep learning algorithm technology achieves industry-leading performance, delivering power and convenience to users.

Recommended solution

  • Checkpoint speed measurement – enhanced safety at major roads
  • Segment speed measurement – Safe driving in specified road segments
  • Portable speed measurement Temporary speed measurement and evidence collection
  • Precautionary speed measurement – Instant reminders for safe driving