We’ve been helping farmers to harness the power to farm by delivering world-leading animal management solutions, that enable customers to operate responsibly, productively, and profitably. We lead the market in electric fencing, weighing and electronic identification (EID), data collection, and wireless water monitoring systems.

Electric Fencing Solutions

An electric fence system is an ideal solution for safe containment of animals in a select area, or to control animal movement on farm. Electric fencing can also be used to achieve optimum pasture yields.

Versatile & Economical

Safe, easy to install, made to last and economical compared to non-electric fences, Gallagher’s electric fence systems offer a wide range of fencing options for all animal types and for all farming practices  from large corporate farms to hobby or lifestyle. Select from the range of permanent, portable and offset retrofit fencing systems.

  • Permanent Fencing

Permanent electric fences are low cost compared with conventional non-electric fence. It’s also longer lasting. Permanent fences use highly conductive, corrosion resistant fence wire together with wood, steel, fibreglass or Gallagher Insulated Line Posts, coupled with components to keep fences looking good and working effectively for a lifetime.

  • Portable Fencing

The benefits of portable electric fencing are that it’s easy to transport, assemble and take down. It allows for total flexibility for grazing and time either within a permanent electric fence system, or within a traditional, non-electrified fence system using portable energizer power.  

  • Retrofit Fencing

Retrofit electric fencing is an economical and easy to install option if you have an existing or new non-electric fence that you want to protect.

  • Smart Fence

The Smart Fence is a 4-wire completely portable, instant, all in one fence system.