POL Solution for Campus Network

POL (passive optical LAN) is the abbreviation of PON technology applied in campus network.
The traditional campusc network is mainly based on the application of switches. The PON technology provides new deployment options and better solution for the access and aggregation layer of campus network. PON technology uses optical fiber as the main transmission medium and adopts all-optical passive distribution network, which is green, environment-friendly, energy-saving. At the same time, through the P2MP network architecture, simplify the park network level and reduce the network planning difficulty and daily maintenance workload of the network administrator. It is the preferred solution for the reconstruction of new campus and all-optical campus.

GPON / 10GPON chassis and PIZZA box OLT products are oriented to the next generation of integrated PON technology, support GPON, XG(S)PON, GE/ 10GE P2P and other access technologies, provide users with voice, data, video, monitoring and other services, and realize the unified management of equipment in the park through visual unified network management.

Solution Architectures

The flat network hierarchical structure replaces the original aggregation access switch with passive optical distribution network, which greatly reduces the failure possibility. ONU is placed at the end user side, OLT is placed in the machine room and connected to the core network of the campus. The administrator uses visual network management system to realize business configuration and daily maintenance management through the remote management function of OLT to ONU.

Typical Scenarios

  • All-optical deployment of schools and hospitals
  • All-optical rebuild of enterprise zone and factory zone
  • Broadband access construction of hotels

Solution Advantages

  • All-optical deployment
  • Low noise, low power consumption
  • P2MP star network topology, centralized management
  • Flat network architecture