Utility & Grid Solutions

Improve smart grid reliability and security with power generation, transmission & distribution products and power automation solutions.


Capacitors are a member of Power System products. Based on the engineering innovations, high-tech material R&D, new product development, technological innovations, research trials, etc., Our capacitors provide reactive power compensation for high-voltage power distribution system. This series of capacitors offers powerful product solutions and research support for HVDC, HV series compensation, SVC, HV harmonic filters, and other compensation applications.


Cutouts are our series of drop-out cutouts tailored for outdoor overhead lines. The cutouts adopt the industry-leading single-ended exhaust design for its strong arc suppression. They work with pole-mounted transformers, circuit breakers and load switches on 10 kV and 40.5 kV high voltage power distribution systems to provide reliable protection and excellent performance.


This series has a broad selection of disconnector models and uses high-quality silicone rubber insulators with strong corrosion, UV resistance, and arc suppression. They can be used widely in 10 kV and 40.5 kV power distribution systems.

Distribution Automation Solution

Distribution Automation Solutions are designed for the growing prevalence of intelligent devices, real-time monitoring and remote control in power distribution automation systems. The program includes a series of measurement and control devices, protective relays, multi-function power meters and distribution automation terminals which helps users reduce costs, improve system availability, and minimize power outages. 

Overhead Switch

Power distribution system includes circuit breakers, reclosers, loadbreak switches and intelligent switches, etc. With more than ten years’ R&D experience, Cooper power system is leading the global revolution of overhead switchgear technologies. 

Separable Connectors

Separable Connectors are a range of high-quality cold-shrink cable accessories manufactured in the United States. These cable accessories have a broad range of specifications. With imported EPDM materials, they are protected against damage from UV, aging and water. They are widely used in transformer, sectionalizing, buried, switchgear cabinets, and equipment in related overhead. 


Transformers are a series of products specially developed by Eaton, the professional transformer manufacturer. This series includes dry-type transformers and pad-mounted transformers and uses the leading technology in the United States, a fully enclosed and fully insulated design. The transformers can be used in common network applications, such as industrial parks, residential areas, commercial centers and China’s rural areas. It can also be used where fire prevention is of paramount importance or in harsh or humid environments.

Eaton VR-32 Regulator

VR-32 Regulator is a fully automated, maintenance-free voltage regulator for distribution lines. This voltage regulator is designed to improve the voltage quality of 10 kV to 35 kV distribution networks to meet voltage requirements. The microprocessor continuously monitors the load side voltage and automatically adjusts its voltage level to keep the line voltage within the target range.