Information Display

All-in-one Education Digital Signage enables highly-efficient education information display and sharing. It supports easy switching among six common display modes – such as information display, urgent notification mode, and more – to meet a host of needs in various school scenarios. 

With digital signage, school administrators can quickly and flexibly update everyone on campus, with centralized management of all education-related devices. The Education Digital Signage Solution is easy to set up at entry points of classrooms, library entrances, and even school gates, facilitating the rapid and wide dissemination of essential school information. 

Recommended Solutions

Display essential class information

A powerful tool for digital classroom management

  • In the Class and Examination Modes, any class status change can be instantly presented on the screen to help teachers, students and school administrators identify their curricula and conveniently arrange teaching activities
  • Motivate students and strengthen class cohesion by showcasing class awards, photos and videos of students in school games, activities and events

Showcase campus highlights and news

Showcase engaging campus content with flexible management

  • In the Campus Information Publishing Mode, the Education Digital Signage device can display various campus highlights and news via impressive photos and videos, such as achievements of students and faculty, to engage students, and to compel visitors to enroll
  • To suit various display needs, the Education Digital Signage can be easily and flexibly set up at school gates, library entry points, cafeterias, and virtually anywhere digital signage is needed
  • School administrators can remotely update the display content, which also provides centralized management of various digital signage devices

Share upcoming events and helpful notices

Contribute to enriching campus life for everyone

  • Encourage students and faculty to take part in upcoming events and activities hosted by the schools or the local community by showcasing detailed information of academic seminars, sports games, cultural events, and more
  • Display other information that may be attractive or useful for students and faculty, like volunteer opportunities, part-time job offers, community news, etc.
  • More efficient and environmentally-friendly than the traditional method of disseminating information using paper posters or leaflets that go into the trash bins after a single use

Send urgent security messages

Consolidate campus security with immediate and effective notifications

  • Keep everyone inside the campus safer by facilitating rapid and comprehensive dissemination of emergency alerts in the Urgent Notification Mode, enhancing the sense of safety across the campus
  • Help school administrators optimize security strategies with this powerful digital tool