OPEN-WDM Solution with Protection for 4G / 5G Fronthaul Overview

In the 5G era, the RAN basically adopts the solution of centralized deployment of BBU/DU. Some 5G base stations will be Co located with the existing 4G base stations. There is an urgent demand for the fronthaul of base stations with deep coverage. However, the fronthaul solution of optical fiber direct connection has a series of problems, such as serious consumption of optical fiber resources and expansion difficulty. GLP6600 (OPEN-WDM) can provide operators with cost-effective 4G/5G fronthaul transmission solutions. Active WDM equipment GLP6600-A series products are configured on the Du / BBU side of the central office, and passive Multiplexer and Demultiplexer with protection is configured on the AAU / RRU side of the base station. GLP6600 can synthesize multiple optical fibers into one optical fiber for optical signal transmission, and 1 + 1 protection can be performed on the backbone optical fiber, establish a transmission network that can be controlled uniformly with the optimal network cost.

Solution Architecture

It consists of two parts: the active equipment of the central office and the passive equipment at the base station. The active equipment includes host machine Frame, switching control card, uplink card, service card, and power module. The passive equipment includes chassis, outdoor fiber optical terminal box, passive Multiplexer and Demultiplexer, etc.

Typical Scenarios

  • Point to point star networking
  • Point to multipoint chain networking

Solution Advantages

  • Excellent protection switching mechanism – Line side optical fiber 1 + 1 protection, protection switching time is less than 50ms.
  • Powerful network management function – Support graphical network management, easy operation. Support NETCONF South interface management protocol and can be connected to the operator management and control platform.
  • Flexible WDM technology –  Support mainstream CWDM, MWDM and DWDM wavelength division multiplexing technologies. Operators can select appropriate WDM service cards for service transmission according to their needs.