Hybrid Cloud

We provide Simple, Resilient, Secure, and Valuable cloud solutions across Core, ROBO, and Edge DC in your journey of Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Distributed Cloud. Starting with a Private Cloud, you could evolve into a homogeneous Hybrid Cloud federated to our Managed Cloud Services. Our homogeneous Hybrid Cloud provides you the flexibility to  run your application on-premise or off-premise on demand at optimized value and manage both ends with a true centralized cloud management platform.

Hybrid Cloud Solution Framework

Hybrid Cloud Value Proposition

  • Homogeneous & Flexible Hybrid Cloud – End-to-end Hybrid Cloud solution powered by Next Generation Converged Digital Infrastructure (NG-CDI) supports both VMs and Containers. Homogeneous Hybrid Cloud architecture enables flexibility in the application partition or workload placement design in the hybrid model at optimized cloud adoption value.
  • Unified Management of On & Off-prem Environments – Simplified operation and maintenance achieved via the Homogeneous Hybrid Cloud unified management span across the on-prem and off-prem environments. Deep visibility with visualized drag & drop topology enables governance of performance, risk and cost control. The AI-powered management platform releases customers resources from IT and focus to their core business.
  • High Resiliency & Security – Sangfor offers high resiliency and secured hybrid cloud thanks to the built-in Backup and Disastere Recovery Solution, with the all-round security. Homogeneous hybrid cloud design enables consistency of resiliency and security across on-prem private cloud and off-prem MCS Cloud, hence empower the workload mobility and cloud bursting capability. 

Homogeneous Hybrid Cloud For Easy Start

  • Cost Effective , avoid cloud over-spend
  • Homogeneous stack easy deployment, minimise impact and risks
  • Easy of use, reduce talent investment
  • Localized professional services & support for smooth transformation

All-Round Security

  • Built-in market-leading cloud-native security
  • Comprehensive Security Operation
  • MCS new shared security responsibility

Cloud Migration

We provide Cloud Migration Tools or Platform (SCMT/ SCMP) to empower a smooth transformation. It supports migration of P2V (mainstream physical server), V2V or V2C (VMware/ KVM/ Xen/ Hyper-V) and C2C (selected Clouds). It enforces effective data replication, encryption, compression, bandwidth speed limits and resumable syncing. We take different migration strategies to suit the customer’s scenario: Point-to-Point, Hot Migration, and Cold Migration. The migration process does not interrupt the source server production, while requiring only a temporary suspension in production during service switching. Meanwhile, we shall determine the application migration approaches to optimize the cost to the benefits: Lift and Shift, Partition or Re-Architect.