Industrial Thermography

Industrial Thermography Solution harnesses industry-leading thermography products to detect signs of failure 24/7 via abnormal temperature changes during temperature-critical operations, helping with preventive maintenance and product quality control while enabling timely and effective responses to all kinds of risks. 

Thermal imaging for industrial applications

Capture the invisible instantly

  • Real-time monitoring 24/7 on generators, corrosion of pipelines, temperature rise in electrical installations, etc., with great stability, clear imaging and high accuracy – up to ± 2° C or ± 2%.
  • Multiple temperature measurement rules – including point, line and frame measurements – which users can select for various scenarios to reach maximum accuracy. 
  • Heat distribution can be clearly displayed with images and a historical temperature curve of the presets or thermometry points. This provides users with a quick overview of observed targets, helping maintenance teams troubleshoot problems and take corrective actions.
  • Remote inspection via professional software platforms offers smart temperature analysis with live video feed based on thermal imaging. Users can automatically receive alarm notifications with video clips or still images according to pre-set rules.