Mobile Signaling Solution Overview

We provide DRA, SSR and STP element functions defined by the 3GPP standard. It is deployed in various networks to route different signaling messages. It implements Diameter/SIP/SS7 signaling message convergence and forwarding.

Mobile Signaling Solution Topological Graph


  • Mobile Number Portability
  • Interworking between MAP and Diameter
  • LTE Roaming/Session Binding
  • Firewall and Traffic controlling
  • 5G SEPP Roaming and Peering
  • 5G SPF/BSF

Core Functionality

  • Comprehensive Routing, Screening and Accounting
  • Redundancy/Reliability
  • GUI based OA&M
  • Detailed Debug + Trace
  •  Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) as specified by 3GPP
  •  Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) as specified by GSMA
  • Subscription Location Function (SLF) as specified by GSMA
  • Interworking Function (IWF)

Legacy SS7 TDM

  •  Next Generation Networks SIGTRAN 
  •  4G / LTE / IMS
  • SS7 and Diameter Firewall 
  • 5G STP