Photoelectric Integrated Solution Overview

NC5200 series photoelectric integrated products are multi service integrated access equipment upgraded based on MSTP optical transmission equipment. They adopt TDM cross and PTN packet switching biplane architecture design. The transmission rate supports STM-1/4/16 and GE/10GE (MPLS-TP), TDM service, 10M/ 100M/1000m Ethernet service, PCM service, telephone switching service and wireless convergence interworking service. This series of products apply SDH, PTN, GFP, LCAS, PCM, EoPCM, Ethernet layer-2 switching technology and soft switching technology, support various complex networking, provide strong multi service comprehensive application capability, and meet the information construction needs of power, military, public security, group key customer private network access and so on.

Solution Architecture

Use NC5200D+/E + equipment to build STM-16 (2.5G) protection ring network as the core transmission network, and use nc5200D+/E+/P to build ring network or chain network as the access equipment to realize the access of TDM, PCM, Fe / Ge and other services. The scheme supports various ring network protection and link protection modes, such as MSP (multiplex section protection), SNCP (subnet connection protection), 1 + 1 or 1:1 chain protection, etc. At the same time, the scheme also supports PTN networking to realize statistical multiplexing and efficient transmission of packet services.

Typical Scenarios

  • Special networks for electric power, military, public security, transportation, energy and all kinds of group key customers.

Solution Advantages

  • Business integration – Nc5200D + / E + / P system is an integration platform to realize the unified access of customers’ voice, video, OA, industry application, Internet application, wireless interworking and other services, as well as the access of NGN and 3G / 4G services.
  • Technology integration – Realize the integration of access, transmission, voice exchange, wireless integration and other technologies and equipment on one platform, including Ethernet, PDH, PDH + Ethernet, SDH, PTN, PCM, EoPCM and other access modes to meet the access needs of different customers, so as to simplify the network structure of the access network; Meet the needs of customers to build an integrated comprehensive business application platform.
  • Network convergence – First, it can build a dual core access network based on SDH / MSTP technology system and PTN technology system on one physical platform, which can not only enable customers to make flexible choices between TDM Carrying network and IP Carrying Network, but also adapt to the development trend of IP based Carrying service in the future, but also achieve the seamless evolution and smooth upgrade from TDM bearer network to IP Bearer Network.
    Secondly, telephone exchange and optical transmission are integrated on one physical platform to realize the integration of transmission and exchange of voice communication, which not only conforms to the trend of customers integrating service transmission and service exchange in internal management, but also reduces the type and number of physical equipment to be deployed, which is beneficial to the simplicity of later maintenance and reducing the cost.

    Thirdly, in terms of telephone communication, the biplane integration architecture design of TDM program-controlled and VoIP soft switch can not only connect with the traditional program-controlled telephone switching network and modern soft switch / IMS voice communication network through E1 relay and SIP relay, but also serve as a “bridge” (relay gateway) to realize the integration of traditional program-controlled telephone switching network and modern soft switch / IMS voice communication network.
    Fourth, the equipment has the function of wireless integrated communication, and can also be accessed by terminal to achieve the integration and interworking between wired and wireless voice communication networks.
  • Management integration – On the one hand, it can realize the management of the whole network equipment of the access network through the numax unified network management platform, integrate the management of various equipment on one network management platform, and change the situation of scattered and decentralized management of the original access network equipment;
    On the other hand, Numax network management platform integrates customer based management on the basis of equipment management, including the topology, line status, performance, alarm and other information of all nodes of the customer, providing a more intuitive and effective customer management means for customers;
    At the same time, it also provides embedded web interface and stand-alone network management, which reflects the diversification and humanization of equipment management methods.