Cloud Solutions

Secure, reliable data protection for cloud solutions – applications, DBaaS, VMs, and more. Scalable, flexible from cloud data migration to disaster recovery.

Cloud data migration

Migrate data to, from and between clouds with ease. Native integration with clouds and data encryption means fast, secure migration for your applications, databases, virtual machines and large data sets. 

Native integration into Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud kicks off cloud data migration with just a few clicks.  Scalable and simple, we can manage a broad range of cloud projects.

Direct support for even the largest cloud data migration tools – like Azure Data Box, AWS Snowball and Snowball Edge, and Google Transfer Appliance.

Cloud data management

Move, manage and use data across your diverse cloud and on-premises environments. Streamline work with the control and flexibility to meet changing business requirements.  

Organizations want to ensure data is available for use across Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and services like VMware Cloud.

From a single platform, it can manage data across public clouds, private clouds, and on-premises environments.

Gain powerful data management control across today’s cloud use cases like DBaaS, containers, virtual machines, and applications.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Automate disaster recovery and testing across multiple clouds with less cost, effort and risk. Be confident with rapid recovery and the flexibility to restore your environment – from full databases or a single file. 

Rapid disaster recovery gives the flexibility to meet both on-premises and cloud SLAs.

Reliable, scalable disaster recovery includes failover and failback for verifiable recoverability, plus comprehensive reporting for monitoring and compliance.

Cloud Storage

Even without deep cloud skills, we can help you quickly and securely store data in the cloud. The Metallic® Recovery Reserve™ cloud storage can help you move workloads to the cloud even faster.

Just choose Metallic® Recovery Reserve™ cloud storage and we’ll do the rest:

  • Automatically configure cloud storage with the click of a button
  • See cloud storage insights
  • Managing daily backups a long term retention projects

Metallic® Recovery Reserve™ cloud storage is based on Microsoft Azure, so you can be confident in your cloud workloads.


Fast moving and critically important, Database-as-a-Service initiatives also need data protection.

Supporting Cosmos DB on Azure or maybe Azure databases for MariaDB?  Amazon Redshift or Amazon Aurora? PostgreSQL on Google Cloud Platform? MySQL on Oracle Cloud? Manage your DBaaS data protection from the same dashboard where you manage on-premises and other cloud workloads.

If you’re relying on vendor snapshots, you don’t get a choice as to when or where snapshots are stored. Recovery may be expensive – or not fully possible.

Prevent data loss –  Threats to your data are growing. Human error, natural disaster, ransomware – the loss of DBaaS data can be a difficult issue for your business.

Gain flexibility – Gain the freedom to choose when and how backups run. Move DBaaS backups to a cost-effective storage tier in the same cloud, a different cloud, or on-premises storage.

Be compliant – Your most critical data may be in cloud-based DBaaS projects. Be ready to comply with your retention SLAs. Be ready with the ability to retain your data for long term requirements.

Flexible data protection for your modern cloud strategy

There’s a new focus on digital transformation. Organizations are taking on rapid change, including quickly expanding the cloud strategy. Your data protection solution should easily expand to cover your modern cloud use cases.

Data protection and digital transformation

Digital transformation projects require easy, secure access to data. Along the way you’ll find cost savings, automation, and data availability.

Data is critical to digital transformation – as is data protection that is agile, scalable, flexible and secure. A data management strategy helps IT to become a data broker for the business, influencing revenue and customer service. 

With data in the cloud, organizations can take advantage of big data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, blockchain and edge computing.

Innovation happens in the cloud – new application development happens in the cloud – and with cloud data. Be ready to protect and secure cloud data.

What is modern cloud data protection?

If you haven’t looked at modern data protection for a while, check out our ultimate guide. Learn what cloud data protection looks like today and how to upgrade your data protection environment.

See how to address changes in your cloud strategy. Explore how IT modernization initiatives can help improve your data protection coverage. 

Top cloud backup questions – answered

Cloud backup is more than just securing a copy of your data to meet SLAs. Did you know your organization can be more agile, save money, and expand innovation, all using cloud backup data?

Find the answers to common cloud backup questions. Discover new ways of using your cloud backups. 

Cloud first strategy and data protection

Many organizations are choosing a cloud first strategy. Scalable, flexible cloud data protection aligns with your cloud first strategy.

We help you secure data and workloads across the depth and breadth of technology that you use today – and what’s coming in the future.  

Cloud solutions require intelligent data management

Using cloud solutions to advance your business? Keep that cloud-based data safe and protected. We deliver the only data management platform you need to store, protect, manage and use data across on-premises and cloud locations. 

As your business needs and cloud deployment plans change, we help you quickly address your cloud data management requirements with intelligent automation, technology choice and enterprise scalability.

As a cloud data management leader, Commvault provides:

  • Unified data management across clouds and on-premises locations
  • Integrated VM, container, and database migration
  • Rapid automated disaster recovery
  • Granular search, discovery and governance