Delivering accurate, flexible, and comprehensive solutions, our video analytics platform provides valuable insights for accelerating investigations, increasing situational awareness and enhancing operational intelligence.

  • INNOVATIVE & EXTENSIBLE PLATFORM: A robust portfolio of critical video analytics capabilities fully integrated across the platform for a better together paradigm.
  • UNMATCHED ACCURACY: Leverage market leading accuracy for detection and classification across object classes, attributes, behaviors, as well as face and license plate recognition.
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: Effectively supports the requirement for both on-demand and real-time analytics for full camera coverage.
  • FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE: Designed to meet the business needs of today and tomorrow for deployment architectures, including standalone or multi-site, all-in-one-appliance or distributed, on-premises or cloud, as well as edge and hybrid deployments.
  • CENTRALIZED ANALYTICS & ALERTS: Multi-site customers can centrally view and analyze alerts generated at remote sites as well as intelligence dashboard visualizations from all sites.
  • EASE OF USE: Quickest time to value and lowest total cost of ownership drives productivity, accelerates time to target and gains the competitive edge.


Accelerate Investigations

By leveraging the REVIEW capabilities, users can pinpoint objects and events of interest to advance investigations and powerfully accelerate time to target. This solution supports effective case management, so investigators can organize video assets, bookmark objects of interest, summarize case findings, and export reports, while dynamically collaborating on cases with other users.

With REVIEW, operators can review hours of video in minutes and refine search results through filter tolerance as well as density, speed, direction, and sort controls. REVIEW enables cross-camera video search and filtering, based on an ever-expanding set of object classes and attributes, as well as Visual Layers, which presents activity, dwell time, common paths, and background changes as easily readable heatmaps for increased scene understanding.

Attain Situational Awareness

With our RESPOND you can trigger real-time alerts based on complex object classification and recognition filter combinations to increase situational awareness and deliver critical, time-sensitive intelligence. RESPOND empowers you to react to events as they unfold, from proactively protecting people and property to driving better visitor or customer engagement as opportunities arise.

We allow for improved responsiveness, real-time decision-making, and effective balancing of sensitivity, accuracy and efficiency with alerting rule configuration, face and license plate watchlist management, and alert notifications for messaging services and VMS alarm areas, including integration with Genetec Security Center, Milestone XProtect, Axis ACS, IndigoVision Control Center, Qognify Ocularis, Digifort Enterprise, and Verint EVMS.

Derive Operational Intelligence

Uncover patterns, drive strategic decision making, and optimize operational and business practices by aggregating video data in a fully-integrated, highly customizable business intelligence platform. Our RESEARCH visualizes object movement, demographic segmentations, behavior trending, hotspots and object interactions. It offers interactive, intuitive and easy to use dashboards for data analysis, as well as tools for auto-generating and prioritizing relevant data points and charts.

With business intelligence, you can seamlessly correlate video analytics with third party data sources, such as Point of Sale, Time Management, and Access Control, for a uniquely informative view of your environment and export data to external business intelligence databases for further analysis and correlation.