Companies and organisations of all sizes are required to secure the access to company premises, individual buildings and sensitive areas and to make sure that access rights are only permitted to authorised persons and vehicles. At the same time, the flow of people within companies and organisations must be managed as efficiently as possible and it must be ensured that it is always in view who is where and for how long.


In order to meet these requirements, those responsible must be put in a position to efficiently and transparently issue, time-limit or actively deny access rights, while strictly observing the organisation’s compliance guidelines. Access control systems (ACS) play the central role in the area of physical security. However, these have not yet been developed to actively manage access rights or to automate the process of granting permanent or temporary rights. The Flow4Secure Identity and Access Management System was developed taking these reconditions into account:

  • Reduce the workload of the office responsible for the issue of ID cards by delegating tasks to other process participants and automating processes
  • Avoidance of errors and inconsistent data records through defined process flows and monitoring of input data
  • Unique assignment of responsibilities for the various steps of the application process with the possibility of traceability (safety revision)
  • Manage jobs, companies, people and vehicles in a hierarchy, by defining the allocation of access rights
  • Rollout of persons and vehicles in the integrated access control systems
  • Providing a system for booking for training courses, training and exams
  • Integration of all relevant systems, internal and external databases and peripherals, such as new and legacy access control systems, LDAP / AD, ID card printers, mobile ID card scanners, palm vein scanners, QR code readers, etc.
  • Billing of services to cost centres
  • Compliance with European GDPR guidelines and local requirements for data privacy

The Solution

The Flow4Secure solution achieves independence from access control hardware and software by creating an abstraction layer – the identity and access management. Areas, authorizations and people are managed in the higher-level and distributed seamless to existing and future access control systems.

With the modern Flow4Secure Identity and Access Management Systems, companies benefit above all from significantly lower costs.


Flow4Secure Identity Management and Access Management offers a business process driven solution. An open integration platform for different access control systems including workflow management.

System Features

  • Intuitively usable web portal, the control elements are adapted to the tasks of the respective user groups
  • Process-based processing of applications for person ID cards and vehicle badges with automated assignment to external companies, internal departments and the ID office
  • Management of employees and subcontractors of external companies by the authorized signatories of the external company directly on the web portal
  • Allocation of access areas during the application process (creation of orders, new companies and employees) and activation of access rights when issuing ID cards in the access control system
  • Import and synchronization of relevant data from existing systems for the implementation of a gradual transition from the previous to new access control system(s)
  • Booking portal for training courses including the execution of the test and automatic assignment to the personal data record controlled via QR code assignment and reader
  • Interface to the customer’s billing system with transfer of cost centres to orders and companies and billing of services (training, ID issuance, …)
  • Import data from HR database, synchronization with LDAP / AD
  • Export clearing items to the corresponding accounting system cost centres
  • Transfer of data records to external security authorities for clearance

Multi Tenant

  • Management of subsites (e.g. an office park) as another client in the system
  • Renting rooms to long-term tenants
  • Bookings of meetingrooms
  • ID card output and interface to the access control system for setting the authorizations


The Identity and Access Management Solution offers:

  • GDPR compliance
  • Create and update identity including workflow through organization
  • Work order and company/department dependent access rights
  • Management of access areas including dependencies
  • 2D MAP view of buildings and rooms
  • Interfaces to user databases (HR, AD)
  • Interfaces to one or several access control systems
  • Interfaces to identity scanners (QR, ID (pass),…)
  • Mobile credentials
  • Interfaces to peripheral devices (printer, scanner, camera …)
  • Email and SMS notification services
  • Support of self-check-in terminals
  • Multiple languages
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Document management
  • Instructions and training
  • Evacuation