CWDM Solution for 4G / 5G Fronthaul Overview

In the 5G era, the RAN basically adopts the solution of centralized deployment of BBU/DU. Some 5G base stations will be Co located with the existing 4G base stations. There is an urgent demand for the fronthaul of base stations with deep coverage. However, the fronthaul solution of optical fiber direct connection has a series of problems, such as serious consumption of optical fiber resources and expansion difficulty.

Typical Scenarios

  • Point to point star networking
  • Point to multipoint chain networking

Solution Advantages

  • Structure – Passive plug-in beam splitter structure, easy to install, standardized outdoor box, light weight and easy maintenance.
  • Performance –  CWDM has good stability and high isolation, supports star and bus structure, and is widely used in RAN, metro area network or edge access network.
  • Cost – Wide wavelength spacing, high isolation, reduced requirements for module wavelength index and construction costs.
  • Construction period – Shorten project construction time, good compatibility and high scalability.