Remote Classroom Inspection

Remote Classroom Inspection Solution helps educational institutions maximize teaching quality and safety with real-time classroom inspections. Feeds from all Classroom Cameras can be accessed centrally, and in real time, by security teams upon strict credential authorization. 

This tool enables school administrators and staff to ensure students and faculty are safe, as well as protect property from the risk of loss or theft. What’s more, supervisors can access and evaluate the quality of teaching delivered to students. 

Recommended solution

Maximize teaching quality and campus safety

  • Open course inspectors can view real-time video feeds of classes from their computer or mobile phone without any interruption to the class
  • Security staff can quickly and conveniently inspect multiple classrooms at the same time to ensure property safety
  • In emergencies, school administrators, teachers, or security staff can talk to teachers and students in the classroom remotely
  • Flexible equipment options will meet a host of needs and budgets. The high-end solution enables class recording along with more advanced remote learning and multi-classroom learning functions