Intelligent Inspection

At industrial parks, security and maintenance personnel regularly complete periodic checks in critical areas, on equipment, and on materials to prevent safety hazards. Intelligent Inspection Solution uses the latest video technology, thermal-imaging technology and AI-powered products for a state-of-the-art traceable, regulated, efficient, and fully-analyzed inspection process, thus guaranteeing safe and efficient operations.

Recommended solution

Remote Inspection

Safe and efficient inspections based on video imaging

  • Integrated central management enables online planning, inspection, and real-time response, standardizing workflows for efficient operation.
  • Security managers or personnel can remotely check all sites with video clips or pictures from high-definition cameras, significantly preventing unnecessary risks.
  • Detailed inspection processes and results are reported for each item on the platform, with statistics and charts on issue rates, coverage, rectification, and more, helping managers or other staff to trace back to problems and assist in decision-making.

AI Inspection

Upgraded inspection processes with intelligent functions

  • Artificial intelligence-based inspections add intelligence on top of remote methods, thermal imaging and AI cameras, which automatically identifies issues according to pre-set rules and vastly reduces labor and time costs.
  • Automatic detection with round-the-clock coverage for various safety issues – such as absence detection, equipment installation location & detection, emergency exit detection, and more – offers a smarter approach to quickly respond to any problem.