Entrance & Exit Management

Key technology

AI deep learning – ANPR

Advanced deep learning technology achieves an industry-leading algorithm effect to bring convenience to users.

  • For drivers, improve the parking efficiency, brings a better experience.
  • For parking admin, high efficiency, easy configuration & maintenance helps to reduce the operating cost. Diversified charging and operation analysis helps to improve the turnover. 
  • Multiple vehicle authentication and parking fee rules.

Recommended Solutions

Vehicle information recording


  • Ensures the safety of vehicles and drivers
  • Visualizes data analyses of vehicles


  • Recording of vehicle license plates, images, and video
  • Block-list alarm
  • Vehicle counting for analysis

Parking with authentication


  • Improve traffic efficiency
  • Enhanced security by authentication
  • Improves customers’ driving experience
  • Manage temporary vehicles effectively


  • Non-stop passing with authorized license plates
  • Passing vehicle monitoring
  • Manual license correction and barrier control
  • Call remote center for no-toll-booth scenario or when the booth is off-duty
  • Providing visual data analysis for managers

Fee-based parkingEfficiency Improved by ANPR


  • Boosts loss prevention and anti-fraud tactics
  • Easy operation, raising parking lot revenues
  • Improves traffic efficiency
  • Improves customers’ driving experience
  • Offers digitized, data-driven management
  • Provides unified cross-system management


  • Flexible parking fee rule configuration
  • Support personalized payment rules
  • Discount and coupon management
  • Card/ticket cost management
  • Non-stop passing by recording license plate
  • Remote call center for no-booth scenario or when booth is off-duty