Disaster Recovery Management (DRM)

According to Gartner, two-fifths of companies that experienced a major disaster that caused a system outage never resumed operations, and one-third of the remaining companies went bankrupt within two years. Business continuity matters, especially in the digital age, people have more ways to access businesses than ever before and the requirement of service continuity is more stringent than ever. However, things unexpected happen all the time, physical machine will fail eventually, business owners urgently need a comprehensive disaster recovery solution that can protect their business across on-premise and off-premise environments.

Our disaster recovery management (DRM) solution includes active-passive disaster recovery and active-active stretched cluster solution for homogeneous environment and heterogeneous environments.

DR Solution Architecture

  • Homogeneous DR Solution Architecture 

We offer a comprehensive disaster recovery solution between our HCI and MCS, this includes active-passive disaster recovery solution and active-active stretched cluster solution. Based on these solutions, RPO ranging from 0 to hours and minutes-level RTO can be easily achieved to protect business continuity on demand.  

  • Heterogeneous DR Solution Architecture 

Heterogeneous DR is a new solution designed for heterogeneous DR and cloud DR, providing comprehensive protection for customers. The main goal is to enhance the disaster recovery and backup capabilities of heterogeneous platforms besides our own homogeneous DR solution between hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) or managed cloud service (MCS). 


DRM provides a full range of disaster recovery solutions based on customer’s business RTO and RPO requirements. It is simple, resilient, easy to deploy and manage.  

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Whether you’re hit by a natural disaster, hardware failure, data breach, or ransomware attack, you need to recover your data quickly and painlessly.

Disasters take many form

A single event or mishap can disrupt your operations entirely, with costly fallout.

But the right tools and disaster recovery protocols can help you recover your data quickly and painlessly. Are you prepared to recover from: