Mission Critical Network

Industrial and utility applications present unique challenges for network planners. First, they involve mission-critical traffic, which may be closely related to public safety and people’s daily life that requires high network reliability and resiliency. Typically, it is needed to support various types of traffics, such as low-speed data communication, digital and analog voice, TDM circuits and analog control, mobile traffic, multimedia traffic, integrated surveillance and broadband access and more. In addition, the equipment must survive a wide range of environmental conditions and comply with the stringent industrial conditions.

We provide PCM connectivity solutions for SCADA traffic as well as Ethernet/PTN based industrial products. This combination serves next-generation bandwidth demands in the fields of energy (power, gas, oil, mining and hydro), transportation, public information and so on.

Highway Security, Monitoring and Automation

• Comprehensive Industrial Switch product line to help highway operators build up private networks for
their surveillance, controlling and toll gate systems

• Complete stand-alone aggregation switches and DIN-rail access switches for different locations and

• IEEE802.3af/at/bt compliant PoE options for enabling various different power consumption devices
• Flexible and versatile ring networks based on telecom-grade ITU-T G.8032 ERPS to ensure sub-50ms

Intelligent Environment Monitoring System for Power Substations and Oil Rigs

• Intelligent IoT gateways realize data collection, edge computing and data transmission in compact DIN-
rail design

• Various interfaces (Ethernet, PoE, RS232/485, DI/AI/DO and ZigBee) greatly reduce the number of
devices and connections

• Real-time local data processing powered by high-performance ARM/x86 processors, significantly
increasing network transmission efficiency

• Built-in open platform for developers for customizations with cloud-based industrial applications
• Fixed and 4G/5G uplink working in back-up guarantees high transmission reliability
• Industrial-grade hardware design ensures stable operating in harsh environment

Multi-Service Access over SDH/PSN for Mission Critical Networks

• Access service types include STM-1, E1, Ethernet, EOW, FXS/FXO, E&M, Magneto Telephone, V.24,
RS232, RS422, RS485, G.703 and C37.94, covering most common interface needs in mission critical

• SDH and PSN dual backplane guarantees a smooth migration from SDH to packet networks, including
Carrier Ethernet, MPLS-TP and IP/MPLS

• Redundancy in power supply, cross connect matrix, switching matrix, and uplink builds up a fully
redundant system with high-reliability

• Flexible clocking solutions fit for customer actual deployment plans
• Available with 6U chassis and 1.5U standalone solutions for different-sized locations