DCI Cloud Connection solution Overview

Our GLS3000 OLS open line system is a new generation of high-capacity and highly reliable optical network solution, which is specially designed for Metro and long-distance DCI applications. GLS3000 adapts to the characteristics of the data center, integrates DWDM technology, sub rate multiplexing and wavelength conversion (OTU) technology, supports 3.2tbps customer side access and 3.2tbps line side transmission on a compact 2U platform, bidirectional 3.2tbps electrical layer processing capacity, supports 96 wave 200g / 64 wave 400G on the optical layer, and expands the single fiber transmission capacity to 19.2t/25.6tbps, which is an excellent solution to the problem of large bandwidth interconnection faced by the data center.

Solution Architecture

GLS3000 OLS system is divided into electrical layer (GLS3000-T) and optical layer (gls3000-L) systems. The electrical layer system realizes customer side service access, mainly including sub rate multiplexing and wavelength conversion function (OTU); The optical layer system realizes large bandwidth transmission and protection, which is mainly composed of wave combining and splitting, optical amplification, optical protection and optical relay. The system realizes the decoupling of electrical layer and optical layer, software and hardware, and supports the docking of optical layer or electrical layer of different manufacturers and the management of third-party management and control system (SDN).
In this scheme, GLS3000-L is used to build the optical layer system, and GLS3000-T or OTU equipment from other manufacturers is used to build the electrical layer system. The optical layer supports point-to-point links with redundant protection and point-to-point links with redundancy and relay, so as to realize large bandwidth transmission and protection between data centers.

Typical Scenarios

  • Data center interconnection
  • Point to point and high-capacity data interconnection within metropolitan area / Region

Solution Advantages

  • Large bandwidth with protection – The system supports 64 * 400g or 96 * 200g combined wave amplification transmission, and the single fiber transmission capacity reaches 19.2t/25.6tbps; The line supports 1 + 1 OLP protection to realize reliable transmission of data services.
  • Photoelectric separation – Support the docking of optical layer equipment, electrical layer equipment and photoelectric modules from different manufacturers to protect customer investment.
  • Decoupling control – SDN concept design adopts open NETCONF interface and Yang model and supports dynamic telemetry. Customers can freely choose their own controller or manufacturer’s network management system to simplify management, operation and maintenance and reduce capex.
  • Low power consumption and heat dissipation design – The design concept of low power consumption per Tbits is less than 25W, and the power consumption per Tbits is truly leading in the world. GLS3000 is designed for forward air and rear air outlet heat dissipation. With reasonable size design, it can meet the requirements of server cabinet in data center machine room and can be deployed in the same cabinet with the server.
  • Future guarantee – GLS3000 equipment utilizes the modular concept, so customers can eliminate outdated modules and replace them with the latest functional modules in the future. These functional modules will not change over time. For example, OA, ILA and OPS can maintain a longer service life. According to the telecordia standard, the service life of these modules is 15 years.