Digital Transformation

When it comes to data, the right data protection solution and digital transformation strategy let you move to the cloud easily and rapidly –with no workloads left behind.

Hybrid work is business as usual

Demands are changing around the globe. Organizations have transitioned to hybrid work environments. Employees and customers expect fast, secure, and reliable access to data whether they are working in the office or at home.

Lack of readily available business data could prevent you from gaining a first mover advantage with the constant change in today’s market. To use data effectively without increasing risk, companies now need a simple approach to protecting their next generation workloads, like containers and SaaS for application modernization in their hybrid cloud environment.

Organizations can benefit from our Intelligent Data Services platform that provides simplicity and flexibility in your environment during data transformation. It has and will adapt to your data management needs so that no matter what technology you use next, you can effectively use it to accelerate growth and innovation while you digitally transform.

Seamlessly move data across your environment

Data transformation allows organizations to seamlessly move data across any environment for application modernization and flexible data usage. This includes the shifting of workloads from legacy environments to cloud-native, SaaS, and containers, all while repurposing data for different uses, needs, or lines of business.

We keep up with your evolving environment and diverse tech stack – so no workload is left behind. During your digital transformation strategy, you still need to ensure your data is protected no matter where it lives. Your data can be in the public cloud, on-prem, hybrid cloud or a combination of the three.

The bottom line is this: To maximize the benefits of the data you manage, you need a solution that can cover all of your workloads holistically. Today, due to disparate solutions being deployed in IT environments, only 32% of data available to enterprises is put to work; the remaining 68% is unleveraged.

How to manage ongoing change

Organizations are constantly tasked with making improvements to the IT environment to reduce costs, consolidate solutions, or increase overall efficiency. However, while these initiatives are happening, your environment still must evolve and grow to meet market demands.

This being the case, you need a data management tool that supports your digital transformation, as well as a comprehensive data protection solution to give you the flexibility to manage this ongoing change.

When data is accessible and available, organizations can better serve customers, create new products, and find growth opportunities. Here are just a few examples of how our customers use modern, innovative data protection strategies to advance their digital transformation goals.

All of this helps enable business transformation as enterprises look to expand their ability to leverage their data to rapidly meet new market demands and accelerate growth.

Mitchell International

U.S. based technology solutions company accelerates backup and recovery times:

  • Reduced NAS file server backup Recovery Time Objective (RTO) to less than 1 minute
  • Increased efficiency by optimizing resource utilization and simplifying compliance reporting
  • Supported future data protection requirements and growth by boosting scalability

JSC August

Chemical producer recovers data instantly and ensures seamless business operations:

  • Deployed the first Fujitsu appliance within just a few days and the second appliance in only few hours
  • Instant recovery of lost data and minimized disruption to operations
  • IT team can focus on strategic tasks because of reliable and scalable data management solution.

Luzhou Laojiao

A liquor distillery that dates back to the Ming Dynasty improves operational efficiency:

  • 85% increase in backup success rate and 90% increase in recovery success rate
  • 60% faster and 70% more successful disaster recovery
  • Increased support for future data growth

Why choose us for your multi-cloud environment

  • Our Intelligent Data Services include the industry’s broadest support for cloud, on-prem, SaaS, virtual, physical, applications, and more data sets under a single solution and common infrastructure. With Commvault, you can quickly adopt new technologies and eliminate redundancy.
  • A flexible delivery model lets you thrive in your evolving environment while providing broad and deep support for the technologies of today and in the future. Consume, deploy, grow, and scale the solution how you want it. Mix and match to best fit your business and IT needs.
  • We are infrastructure-agnostic so moving data to the cloud is simple, scalable, and secure. We have developed strategic partnerships with cloud vendors such as AWS and Microsoft to build an ecosystem that offers integration and automation possibilities to meet your unique data management and protection requirements.

Why other products don’t compare

  • Multiple point solutions might have to be deployed to get the same level of data protection as Commvault. Managing multiple platforms that don’t talk to each other is time consuming and makes operations complex.
  • As your business evolves, some vendors will have to change your deployment methods to keep up with your new workloads because they don’t support them all holistically. This hampers the organization’s ability to grow at market speed.
  • Other backup vendors have limited support that may lock you into certain cloud providers or storage requirements.

5 Steps to Hybrid Cloud Success

Whenever disruption occurs, the longer your organization takes to react to it or adapt to it, the more growth and revenue you’ll miss out on. As data management trends tip toward as-a-service delivery, a SaaS-delivered solution can empower your company’s digital transformation.

The disruption of the past year has accelerated massive corporate digital transformation, with 90% of companies reporting cloud usage in 2021 higher than initially planned. Many of those companies are now assessing these changes to determine how they can optimize and better manage their hybrid cloud environment, including the growing need to safeguard data no matter where it lives.

Experience SaaS-delivered data management from Metallic and Commvault:

  1. Stay SaaS protected  SaaS applications must have dedicated solutions in place for the long-term to protect data from threat of a ransomware attack.
  2. Think hybrid first  Thanks to Metallic offerings unique storage flexibility, companies can seamlessly back up to cloud or on premises with single pane of glass management.
  3. Start planning tomorrow’s migration today – Putting your data protection in the cloud with a SaaS-delivered solution can be an effective early step to your cloud transformation.
  4. Keep your app journey secure end-to-end  As you transition from traditional application platforms to containerized approaches such as Kubernetes, your data protection and security must remain a top priority.
  5. Engage centralized management  A solution that operates through a single-pane-of-glass dashboard lets all your workloads be protected while your data protection remains as efficient and comprehensive as possible.