Enterprise and Government

Small-and-medium-sizes enterprises create a vast marketplace for telecommunication service providers and system integrators, offering versatile business solutions with secure LAN networking, high-speed Internet and cloud. The nature of efficient and intelligent information processing is a crucial factor for SME owners to stay in the market, requiring secured, powerful, and cost-effective networking.

We provide secure and cost-effective VPN access solutions for SME users that help to overcome challenges as lack of competent IT infrastructure, limited budget and need for cyber security. Our solutions are ideal for LAN networking, service integration and customer benefit maximization. These solutions assist SMEs to fully utilize private and public cloud network by combining routing, Ethernet switching, voice-support, 3G/4G backup, Wi-Fi, VPN, and cyber security features.

100G/200G Data Center Interconnect

Coherent 100G/200G CFP2 based transmission with GFEC and SD-FEC at line side
Maximum transmission distance for 40x100G up to 2400km (16x22dB)
Flexible wavelength assignment
Up to 40x100G/200G capacity in iTN8600 platform
Multi-service access for Ethernet, OTN, SDH and Fiber Channel at client side
Hardware based encryption transmission for total cyber security

AIoT for Automated Industry 4.0

Comprehensive industrial IoT gateways to ensure long-term stable operation in harsh environment
Fixed and mobile access in backup for un-interrupted data transmission
Various types of interfaces (Ethernet, RS232/485, Lora & ZigBee) to address various sensors and

Various industrial communication protocols (Modbus & Profibus) supported for different types of

Built-in edge computing unit for data acquisition, filtering, cleaning, storage, monitoring, reporting,
logic processing and other functions with customization options

Open Linux-based platform for customized data processing and interfacing with cloud-based IoT

Passive Optical LAN (POL) Network

Ideal cost-efficient hardware design for up to 4,000 subscribers per chassis
• Pay-as-you-grow business model enabled by full modular designed OLT delivering GPON and XGS-PON
• Simple and easy-to-maintain passive optical network to deliver all-types of enterprise networking
traffics, including Internet, voice and video with strengthened security, 5G, Wi-Fi 5/6 and IoT cloud

• Carrier-grade NMS for implementing “Zero-Touch” auto-provisioning and reducing deployment hassles

Public Video Surveillance and Wi-Fi Hot-Spot

• Cost-efficient solution tailored for safe/smart city infrastructure installation
• Standard IEEE802.3af/at/bt compliant PoE options to feed various purposed cameras and Wireless APs
• Industrial-grade design and telecom-grade resiliency features guarantee high reliability
• Prioritized traffic forwarding policy and efficient broadcast/multicast traffic handling
• Different rack-mounted and DIN-rail form factors for different indoor and outdoor installation sites

Smart Building Automation

Our smart industrial gateways are ideal for deployment and integration into smart building DCS system through customer dedicated IoT platforms. Based on cloud-based platforms, the smart gateways implement various operations such as enabling, monitoring, and managing smart terminals in buildings, and realize energy saving, optimization and intelligent control through edge computing and data analysis.

• Multi-protocol collection
• Edge computing
• Storage of history data
• Safety protection
• Energy consumption perception, energy-saving
• Linkage between buildings, big data analysis
• Remote processing of faults, saving manpower

Typical Scenarios

  • Government & Enterprise customer boutique access network
  • Industry specific networks, such as electric power, energy, finance, transportation, mining and other industries.

Solution Advantages

  • Reliable QoS – GTN6800 series OTN CPE equipment sinks the OTN technology previously used in metropolitan area and backbone networks to the edge of the network. In the access network, it ensures that the customer service enters the rigid OTN pipeline to ensure the customer QoS. Provide customers with high-quality access network with large bandwidth, low delay and low jitter.
  • Rich OAM and Protection –  GTN6800 series OTN CPE equipment supports multiple OAMS, such as y.1731 supports LM / DM; Support OAM of SDH and OTN networks, and provide rich means of network operation and maintenance and perception.
    Support lag (LACP), MSP, VC-SNCP, ODU-SNCP, OSU-SNCP, board protection and other protection, and provide rich protection means for customer services.
  • Fast deployment and low operation and maintenance cost – The whole network adopts unified OTN technical scheme, which reduces the difficulty of network operation and maintenance and the complexity of management. Through netconfig interface and standard Yang model, the off-site service can be opened, and the equipment can be managed when it is powered on. Greatly simplify the business opening process.