Safe & Smart City Solution

TERRA 4D safe & smart city solutions offers advanced features that support operators in all departments, to assess and resolve incidents efficiently. Features like multiple camera object tracking, time machine, workflow and incident reporting, localization and dispatching are a few of the features which enable operators to take immediate and precise action during a security incident. Thanks to the 3D GIS model the intuitive and field-approved user interface provides superior situational awareness in every circumstance.

The TERRA 4D platform links city systems and subsystems inseparably to each other. This integration and unification of all subsystems enables acquisition and analysis of all information on one central entity allowing comprehensive, effective and overall protection.

Key benefits provided by TERRA 4D smart city solutions help municipatilities:

  • Speeds up situation response times and minimizes risk
  • Assists in maintaining public order and reducing crime
  • Improves multi-agency coordination and data exchange
  • Reduces cost of services by increasing efficiency and avoidance of human errors
  • Provides perfect situational awareness by embedding all relevant information in 3D GIS model
  • Produces real-time information of all systems and subsystems under one unified operators platform
  • Time machine function for historical data
  • Seamless integration of all existing and future subsystems

TERRA 4D is the platform which connects to all existing and future systems, subsystems and sensors and allows management, coordination, correlation and sharing of all data from one unique management platform. This enables the centralized command and control of all local governance issues in a modern city – security (police, ambulance, fire brigade) – traffic (smart traffic lights, parking guidance) – utilities (energy, water, waste disposal) – sanitary (hospitals, emergency). The result is better quality of life for citizens in a safer, cleaner and healthier environment.

TERRA 4D Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solution facilitates incident detection, security and safety related incidents, presenting complex information in a simplified, user-friendly geographical context in 3D form, thus offering operators superior situational awareness and ease of use.