Perimeter Security

We offer a range of advanced perimeter security solutions founded on two core principles: deterrence and detection.

Our effective and reliable solutions can be managed and monitored across multiple sites from one central location.

Our cost-effective monitored pulse fence system consists of a grid of energized, high tensile wires that can be constructed inside a new or existing perimeter fence. The monitored wires detect unauthorized entry or exit into defined areas and trigger instant alerts.

Powerful deterrence

Attempts to breach the perimeter are deterred by an energized pulse sent around the perimeter fence line. Monitored pulse fencing meets stringent safety criteria, while delivering a short but safe shock, making it almost impossible to climb the fence.

Zoned fences allow voltage levels to be adjusted to meet varying needs: high for maximum deterrent and low for periods of low risk.

Detect and respond

A networked perimeter solution incorporates sensors that continuously measure and report on wire tension and monitor fence structure vibration or movement. Sensors can be used with or without an energized pulse to detect intrusion without the intruder being aware.

The system intelligently differentiates between serious breaches and disturbances by wildlife, birds or harsh weather conditions. False alarms are prevented, and intruders are unable to use the cover of adverse weather to breach the fence undetected.

When a fence sensor is triggered an alarm will activate for that zone, allowing guards to immediately focus their attention where it’s most needed.

Full integration with imaging systems provides a visual and audible record of events that can be viewed as a live stream or relied upon as evidence if required.

Perimeter security products

  • Fence controllers – perimeter energizer and attack detection products
  • Fence hardware – specialized perimeter fence hardware
  • Fence Integrity Monitor – consistent monitoring of your fence circuit
  • Perimeter sensors- enhanced perimeter awareness technology
  • Security Integrations – integrations for extended business functionality

International safety standards

Perimeter products are designed to comply with international safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards. These standards set out the safety requirements for the design, installation, and operation of pulse fencing and associated equipment. 

Every energizer product developed is tested in New Zealand laboratories accredited by IANZ (International Accreditation New Zealand), and Gallagher staff are dedicated to reviewing changing standards and ensuring products are compliant with all legal specifications.