Line Haul Management

For logistics service providers delivering thousands of parcels every day, the top concerns revolve around timely, accurate, and comprehensive status updates of freight and trucks. They need to boost in-transit timeliness and enhance security while managing costs. Our Line Haul Management Solution helps right where it’s needed, minimizing transportation risks and maximizing security, while offering valuable insights on line haul driver performance and operational efficiency.

Recommended solutions

Vehicle tracking & monitoring

Real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring with post-event video evidence

  • Real-time GPS and video monitoring to update the monitoring center on abnormal situations, such as route deviation, in a timely manner
  • Continuous video recording to provide evidence of incidents or abnormal situations
  • Panic alarm that can be triggered by the line haul driver to instantly inform the monitoring center for assistance

Driver protection & assistance

Comprehensive line haul driver protection & assistance with the intelligent ADAS system

  • Comprehensive driver protection for enhanced personnel safety with Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW), and Blind Spot Detection (BSD)
  • Precise detection of abnormal driving behaviors with Behavior Analysis (DBA cameras), such as not wearing safety-belt, fatigued driving, smoking, and making phone calls while driving
  • Identifies potential dangers in transportation and triggers audio warnings with the help of the intelligent analysis server 

Goods management & protection

Enhanced merchandise management with extensive IoT applications and assorted sensors

  • With the door status sensor, logistics operators can ensure the door is closed during transportation, so that delivered goods are intact and not damaged and trucks are not used for other purposes.
  • Temperature sensors help shippers monitor container temperature during cold chain services to maintain the quality of products, with complete temperature records available for customer reference and real-time alarms for abnormal temperatures.
  • The fuel level sensor can be used to monitor the mileage and to identify sudden drops, which might be caused by fuel theft or leakage. They can also analyze fuel usage across the transportation process.

Performance & operation analysis

Improved decision making with diverse performance & operation analysis reports

  • Central management on the Central platform, with various practical functions including video monitoring, recording, footage playback, real-time positioning, data & statistics and more 
  • Evaluating line haul driver performance based on on-time performance, abnormal driving behaviors, fuel consumption, etc., and comparing performance against pre-set KPIs for overall evaluation
  • Showcasing the expected vs. actual arrival time of each trip to help logistics managers identify patterns and provide a base for routing and shift adjustment
  • Showcasing alarm types and detailed records, helping identify common issues as a basis for coaching arrangement. And managers can analyze coaching results by comparing alarm numbers and types