AR Live Interaction

This AR Live Solution offers an immersive management experience for users with high interactivity and excellent visibility. It takes user’s awareness above and beyond the senses, which helps operational efficiency step up to new levels. 

Recommended solutions

Large-scale scenario management

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of the whole physical site via the intuitive live map with the help of AR
  • Easily filter and click on specific locations for more details as you track through picture-in-picture mode
  • Handle security events almost instantly with easy-to-manage, easy-to-operate control

Production process management

Visualize the production process, just as if you were on-site 

  • The AR production board splits among four screens to give you the complete, on-site situation in real time
  • Remote check and instant recovery actions via AR cameras enhance the operational efficiency and minimize down time
  • Integrate with existing industrial control systems seamlessly, adding an extra layer of visibility over assets and production processes