WDM Solution for Intercity and Metropolitan Transmission Overview

GDS5000 optical transmission platform is a new generation of optical transmission system with high integration, huge capacity and long distance, which is mainly used in metro convergence layer and metro core layer. The equipment applies the advanced transmission technology and high integration technology, applicable to the whole IP transmission. It provides the function of wide broadband, high capacity and fully transparent transmission, which can realize smooth capacity upgrade, offer a comprehensive, flexible and mature protection solution. It’s a stable platform for multiple service operation and future network upgrade and expansion.

GDS5000 can establish a metropolitan wavelength division ring network to support various service types, including GE/10GE/40GE/100GE, etc. The maximum transmission capacity of a single optical fiber is 19.2T. GDS5000 can solve the shortage of fiber resources in the access layer network and provide clients a good solution of broadband multiple service access with low cost and high efficiency.

Typical Scenarios

  • Point to point networking
  • Chain networking
  • Ring networking

Solution Advantages

  • Multiple service access –  Support 1.25G~100G all kind of services, including SDH.
  • Multiple WDM technologies – Support 8 / 16 / 40/ 96 wave DWDM and 8 / 16 wave CWDM.
  • Multiple function integration – Plug-n-Play, speedy deployment. Support OLP protection, configuration free installation and service opening. Centralized management of network management can provide perfect network and equipment performance detection capability.