Data Center Solution

HCI Solution is a new IT infrastructure platform based on converged architecture. It integrates industry-leading technologies such as server virtualization, distributed storage and software-defined networking into an X86 server, and realizes IT resources through a unified management platform. Visual management helps users create a new IT infrastructure that is minimal, stable with high-performance. Only 2 servers are required to build a fully functional Software-Defined Data Center1.

Advantages & Values

  • SIMPLIFIED – All Resource requirements are met with HCI Appliances and switches, and unified visual management is supported.
  • STABLE – Fully redundant architecture to ensure business stability, No data loss even if hardware fails.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE – A single unit can provide up to 100,000 IOPS and supports linear expansion. Performance has no bottlenecks.

All it takes is One Breach

XDDR puts emphasis on the coordinated response, ready to contain and mitigate that one breach WHEN it happens.

  • Scheduled or on-demand endpoint Secure vulnerability scanning initiated by NGAF
  • Vulnerability Scan results sent back to NGAF for closed-loop patch
  • Real-time Threat Intelligence (TI) from cloud-based NeuralX recognizes malware
  • Network-Wide Threat Disposal allows the administrator to respond
  • Cyber Command for enhanced threat detection/response
  • NGAF integration can prevent malware from communicating
  • Enterprise asset tracking and rogue asset detection
  • Endpoint Secure Protect Agent Ransomware honeypot capability