Time Attendance

Time Attendance Solution uses multiple verification and identification technologies to achieve rapid attendance management. The cloud attendance solution suits small attendance settings and can be up and running quickly. The local attendance program provides a wealth of scheduling rules and attendance reports, and there are multiple ways to integrate it with third-party systems to expand its capabilities.

Key technology

Biometric authentication methods

  • High accuracy and efficiency for access control
  • Proprietary, multi-modal biometric mechanism uses deep learning algorithms
  • Biometric technology fusion enables faster recognition, with more capacity and more reliable performance

Small-Scale Management

Basic attendance, simple and economical


  • Cost-effective, reliable performance 
  • Free cloud solution management, rapid deployment, and no server required
  • Remote access and management any time, from anywhere


  • Check one’s own attendance results on mobile phone
  • Remotely check in / out on mobile phone
  • 10 types of attendance reports

Medium & Large-Scale Management

Professional attendance, complete and efficient


  • Supports multi-role and multi-user configuration and management
  • Abundant and diverse report statistics
  • Satisfies customers with more refined and flexible attendance management


  • Face / Fingerprint / Card / PIN code authentications
  • Dashboard for attendance statistics
  • Flexible attendance rules
  • 15 types of attendance reports (CSV / XLS / PDF)
  • Custom attendance reports
  • Third-party integration (database / openAPI / report file) 
  • Internet-based multi-site management