RESPOND you can trigger real-time alerts based on complex object classification and recognition filter combinations to increase situational awareness and deliver critical, time-sensitive intelligence. RESPOND empowers you to react to events as they unfold, from proactively protecting people and property to driving better visitor or customer engagement as opportunities arise.

  • Real -Time Alerts – Trigger real-time, rule-based alerts for face recognition, line crossing, vehicles, people of interest and object count, in time sensitive situations.
  • Smart Alerts – Respond to complex situational changes in the environment through buildable rule configurations, based on any number of search filters, including face and license plate recognition and more.
  • Notifications – Send notifications to messaging services, and VMS alarms area. Integration with Genetec Security Center, Milestone XProtect, and IndigoVision Control Center.
  • Face Recognition – Powerful real-time Facial Recognition capabilities provide best-in-class face matching to rapidly pinpoints people of interest using digital images extracted from the video or from external sources.
  • License Plate Recognition – Receive alerts for “in the wild” license plate recognition, identifying license plates through watchlists, existing video or data uploads.
  • Line Crossing – Activate alerts when objects cross a demarcation in a pre-defined direction to drive perimeter protection and directional object count.
  • People Counting – Configure count-based rules to monitor the increase or decrease of people in a pre-defined range of view or area – ideal for tracking queues and waiting areas.
  • Proximity Identification – Alert when people are in proximity to one another for a period higher than a predefined threshold. Combine with time-based alerts to only notify when this action occurs too frequently.
  • Face Mask Detection – Detect and alert when face masks are detected, or not detected on an individual, in real-time.
  • Watchlists & Rule Configuration – Scalable face recognition watchlist management and powerful alert rule configuration enables rapid notification of events in your environment.
  • One-Click Case Creation – Accelerate time to target with one-click case creation based on an alert, and rapidly review all daily alert events with a video synopsis in minutes.


Face recognition technology provides another way for law enforcement and enterprise organizations to leverage face matching capabilities for safety, security and operational efficiencies.