Security for Small and Medium Business

Our security solution for small and medium business (SMB) is a cloud-based system that lets you take control of your business security from anywhere, at any time, all from your smartphone.

Everything you need is at your fingertips, managed through the SMB app. It’s simplified security, using the latest in cloud technology. The SMB app allows you to arm and disarm alarms, control doors, manage incidents and users across multiple sites, all from your smartphone.

Key features

Intruder detection

Arm and disarm areas using a smartphone from anywhere, at any time.

User management

Add, edit or remove an unlimited number of users.


Manage the security of multiple sites from one SMB app.

Access control

Lock or unlock doors using a smartphone, or a Gallagher SMB Key Tag.


Receive notifications when a security incident occurs, and decide what to do next.

Third-party monitoring

Opt for a third-party monitoring company to manage any security incidents that occur.

Why choose cloud-based security?

Next generation security

The latest technology, aligned with how people work in today’s world.

Better control

If you’re connected to the internet, you’re connected to your business, and in control of your security from anywhere, at any time.

Automatic software updates

New features and security updates are automatically added to your system, so it will always perform at its best.

Cost effective

Quicker installation means lower set-up fee. Maintenance can be performed remotely, reducing on-going costs.