Student Attendance

Today, intelligent attendance tracking tools are playing a more and more important role on school campuses. This reduces the need for manual attendance checks that take up teachers’ time. We offers multiple solutions for student attendance on school buses, at entry points to teaching buildings, classrooms, and dormitories. The automated attendance system checking is more efficient and all attendance information can be viewed in real time via an intuitive dashboard, with reports to show attendance trends over time. 

School bus attendance

Easy student attendance on the way to school


  • The attendance record will immediately upload to the central management platform of the educational institute when a student swipes the ID card to board a school bus
  • The student’s parents will receive a confirmation message in real time via SMS
  • Supports exporting bus attendance report and searching the history tapping card record

School gate & dormitory attendance

Flexible school and dormitory attendance system wherever it is needed


  • access control terminals help schools to improve the efficiency of students access control and attendance information recording
  • Identify the person’s identity accurately when they are entering the school or dormitory gate to prevent unregistered persons from entry

Classroom attendance

Automated student attendance recording to reduce teacher’s burden


  • The Education Digital Signage can record attendance results when students swipe school ID cards according to a pre-set curriculum
  • Attendance statuses can be displayed on-screen to provide a comprehensive view for teachers, students, and school administrators