APV Load Balancing & App Delivery

Load balancing and application delivery provides the availability, scalability, performance, security, and control essential to keeping applications running in their power band. Deployed in front of web and application servers, the APV distributes traffic, scales server pools, maintains persistence, and accelerates applications. Load balancers are an essential data center element, providing a strategic point of control and a first line of defense for mission-critical applications.

Every APV load balancer provides a complete app delivery feature set, including Layer-7 server load balancing, global server load balancing, SSL offload, connection multiplexing, compression, caching, and integrated Web application security. Available as physical or virtual appliances, or on your choice of public cloud, the APV is designed to meet technical requirements for any size business, deliver superior price performance, and be simple to deploy, manage and maintain.

Take Control of Your Applications

Load balancing and application delivery integrates best-of-breed availability, security and performance capabilities essential for keeping applications and infrastructure running at peak efficiency.

  • AVAILABILITY – Server Load balancing Health Checks GSLB
  • SECURITY – Authentication TLS Encryption DDos Mitigation
  • PERFORMANCE – SSL OffloadTCP Multiplexing Caching Compression

Advanced ADC Features

  • ADVANCED LAYER 4/7 SERVER LOAD BALANCING – Enhance availability, scalability and maintainability with feature rich L7 load balancing, session persistence and health checks.
  • DNS & GLOBAL SERVER LOAD BALANCING – Establish multi-site or multi-cloud redundancy that supports disaster recovery and optimizes for proximity and availability.
  • SSL OFFLOAD & APPLICATION ACCELERATION – Turn on SSL offload, caching, multiplexing and compression to boost server efficiency and application response times.
  • AAA OFFLOAD & SECURE APPLICATION – Control application access and streamline the user experience using built-in authentication. authorization and SSO.
  • TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT & CUSTOM SCRIPTING ACCESS – Create traffic management and content switching rules tailored for delivering applications over the Web to any user anywhere.
  • NEXT-GEN ENCRYPTION & SECURITY CERTIFICATIONS – Achieve compliance with ICSA certified products that support FlPS encryption, ECC / RSA ciphers, MFA and TLS 1.3.
  • INDUSTRY-LEADING APPLICATION FLUENCY – Application templates for popular software vendors including Microsoft, VMware, Oracle, SAP, eCW and others.
  • PHYSICAL, VIRTUAL & CLOUD DEPLOYMENT – Available as physical or virtual appliances, or as cloud-native instances on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform