In our increasingly computerized world data will be the most important thing in the world. Everything today is online, from libraries and banking to governments, surveillance and games, everything in our digital world requires data storage.

With the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has positively impacted the market for next-generation storage, especially solutions that are used in cloud storage. Storage vendors are making some of their hardware and software technology available for no charge to help researchers, businesses, work-from-home users, and partners run their businesses and work remotely during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic

There for storage market is expected to increase of 11.4% of value of by 2026. With the sizeable and exponential growth in the digital world, there has been an accelerating development in the field of cloud computing, Big Data, mobile services, Surveillance, and social networking applications.

Key Features

Discover More About Surveillance Solutions

Video surveillance solutions have never been more critical to businesses and organizations around the world than they are today. A reliable, high-performance video surveillance solution can help a government fight crime, or help an organization reduce losses.

Milestone Systems, and Infortrend are experts in their own fields. By combining our services, we have created a complete, high performance and reliable surveillance solution.

Why Infortrend Surveillance Solutions

• All-in-one solution integrating NVR server & SAN storage in single device

• Multiple form factors and offer High density 4U60 form factor for limited rack space

• Milestone VMS certification

• Simple to size the number of cameras: up to 150 cameras with one EonServ system

Virtualization for Faster IT Provisioning, Deployment, and Disaster Recovery

Virtualization is essential for businesses to keep up with the growing demand of IT resources. It enables centralized IT system provisioning and deployment within minutes, allowing the businesses to create or switch a replication site for disaster recovery when mishaps happen.

Because of this growing virtualization demand, Infortrend offers a high cost-performance, massive capacity, and flexible and reliable data storage for virtualization platforms such as VMware ® vSphere™, Microsoft® Hyper-V®, and Citrix® XenServer™.

Infortrend M&E Solutions

Infortrend M&E solutions are designed for next generation media workload demands.

Infortrend brings you shared media storage and SAN & 3rd party file system integration, two M&E solutions made to fit in infrastructures of any kind, providing high performance and excellent scalability to support M&E workloads while staying cost-effective.

Media & Entertainment storage challenges

• Performance and capacity hungry

• Demand for system stability

• High availability dependent

• Expectation for easy management

Why Infortrend M&E Solutions

• Ultra-performance: unprecedented bandwidth for media workflows

• Flexibility: rich options with host (front-end) connection ports

• High scalability: immense storage capacity for media footage archive

Data Backup & Restore to Ensure Business Continuity

System crash, human error, hackers, viruses, and even physical disasters happen unexpectedly. In view of this, data backup is crucial for critical data security and business continuity. General practices of data backup include storing data as addition copy or the take snapshot to restore the data in case of faulty deletion or accidents. Infortrend storage systems feature comprehensive backup methods to protect your data, and supports popular third-party software, such as Commvault, to optimize enterprise backup.

Infortrend offers comprehensive storage solutions for today’s enterprise backup requirements. Whether it’s block or file level environments, or if it demands PB+ level capacity, you can find the fit solution for your businesses from our offerings:

• Local backup: snapshot, local Replication

• Remote backup: volume remote replication, folder remote replication (Rsync)

• Cloud backup

• Desktop backup

• Server backup with 3rd party software

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Due to the rise of Industrial IoT and AI, size and amount of data that organizations have to deal with are dramatically increasing. Hence, there appears a need for high-performance computing (HPC) to process, store, and perform complex calculations of massive amounts of data at very high speeds for real-time data analytics and strategy decision making. HPC has been a helpful tool for each industry: from the geophysical prospecting for finding the drilling spots for oil and gas companies, weather analytics and genetic analysis, to school and government high-performance research laboratories. In recent years, thanks to rapid technological advancements, the HPC industry has faster analyzing processes and more precise results, revolutionary impacting the world.

However, faster and more precise analyzation requires storage to support more performance and capacity for handling the frequent data access requests from multiple analyzing servers and storing rapidly accumulated analyzed data. Traditional storage is not able to satisfy these kinds of exponentially increasing requirements.

Infortrend offers the next-generation storage platform with easy deployment/management design to address the revolutionary demands of HPC. It features huge performance, capacity, and bandwidth for storing the explosive data amount and handling requests from multiple HPC analyzing servers.

Why Infortrend HPC Solutions

• High performance and high capacity

• High scalability for performance and capacity: scale-out and scale-up

• Intuitive management and easy file sharing

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