Fuel Systems, Emissions and Components

We provide ground refueling products for both commercial and military aircraft, fuel pumps, boost and transfer pumps, valves, sensors, and accessories, and the components to build fuel conveyance and delivery sub-systems from the tank to the engine. Our automotive fuel emissions control solutions help vehicle manufacturers achieve emissions regulations.

Aerial refueling

Our products support safe, efficient refueling operations and include pumps, nozzles, couplings, regulators and valves specifically designed for aerial refueling sub-systems.

Fuel measurement and management

We provide complete solutions for managing and monitoring aircraft fuel, with a focus on safety, weight, system reliability and accuracy.

Ground fueling

With a solid reputation for innovation and quality, We are a world leader in the design and manufacture of ground fueling products serving both commercial and military aircraft. Our Carter® product line is the industry standard for reliability and safety in ground fueling equipment.

Inerting controller

Our inerting controller products control fuel tank inerting systems and monitor parameters such as system temperature, pressure, and oxygen concentration. They also control the flow of nitrogen-enriched air into fuel tanks to ensure optimal system performance through all phases of flight. Currently certified for open and closed vent systems.

Vehicle fuel emission control

As evaporative emissions reduction and vehicle standards become more stringent, our fuel emissions controls deliver a competitive advantage worldwide that help our customers achieve or exceed the changing emissions regulations.