Industrial Controls, Drives, Automation and Sensors

We meet the challenges of shorter product life cycles and higher energy costs with a full line of automation and control products that energize the machines a globally demanding marketplace requires.

Contactors and starters

With a broad portfolio that includes everything from phase, voltage and current monitoring relays to motor protection breakers, we offer the protection your system needs against equipment failure and danger caused by voltage faults, current conditions or excessive load requirements. Our extensive line of space saving and easy-to-install electromechanical starters is among the most efficient and effective solution for all customer application needs.

Control relays and timers

Whether you’re a machine builder or end user, control panel designer or facility maintenance manager, Eaton’s expansive offering of relay options with customization capabilities can meet your specific application requirements.

DC Switching

High DC switching made simple.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

This operator interface portfolio is among the most robust set of solutions in the industry. The XV100 basic HMI provides incredible value for OEMs needing machine visualization and control. The XV300 advanced HMI allows machine builders to offer next generation performance and functions that will propel their equipment into the future. The XP500 industrial PC provides an industry-leading SCADA solution.

Motor overload and protective relays

We offer a full line of IEC and NEMA rated overload relays to provide motor overcurrent protection. Overload relays include fixed bimetallic, interchangeable heater bimetallic, and electronic. Flexible mounting ensures that they can be installed on a contactor, panel or separate enclosure.

Power Supplies

We provide a wide selection of durable and reliable power supplies for 12 and 24 Vdc applications in a variety of sizes and features.

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

The easyE4 is the world’s premier nano programmable logic controller (PLC). Containing 12 I/O with the capability to be expanded to a network of up to 188 I/O points. The XC300 small PLC is scalable utilizing the XN300 modular I/O platform, the XC300 shines in highspeed applications that demand the highest degree of programming flexibility.

Pushbuttons and stacklights

We offer an extensive variety of pilot devices including pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches, and others to suit virtually any industrial or commercial application.

Sensors and limit switches

We have a wide range of sensing options for any application. From sophisticated noncontact sensing solutions to rugged mechanically actuated switches, we can offer the products you need.

SmartWire-DT intelligent wiring system

Our SmartWire-DT is an intelligent machine wiring solution that reduces panel and machine wiring complexity by consolidating complex circuit wiring into a single cable. When assembling your machine, connecting components over SmartWire-DT is fast and simple both inside and outside the control cabinet. Once the machine is built, SmartWire-DT streamlines testing and reduces installation, commissioning and troubleshooting to save you time and money.

Soft Starters

Our reduced voltage soft starters are compact, multi-functional, easy to install, and easy to program. They are designed to control acceleration and deceleration of three-phase motors, with options available for current ranges from 0.8 A through 1,000 A.

Switch-disconnectors and Cam switches

Our high performance, high quality, robust Switch-disconnectors and Cam switches are a perfect solution for industrial, trade and power distribution applications.

Our switch-disconnectors and Cam switches come with a multitude of approvals making our products suitable for use worldwide.

Variable Frequency Drives

Our variable frequency drives, also known as adjustable frequency drives, are designed and manufactured for applications requiring ultra-compact solutions, clean power or future configurability in mind.

VFDs are used to adjust a motor’s speed to closely match output requirements in industrial, HVAC, water/wastewater treatment, machinery OEM and other applications. In addition a VFD offers the best energy efficient solution in variable speed applications.

Whether designing a new industrial complex, renovating an existing structure, developing a new machine with a standard product from the catalog or a custom-enclosed drive, we have the right product for your application.