Electrical vehicles and EV charging

With a world-class portfolio of electric vehicle products and software and global expertise in electrical infrastructure development, we are connecting the full EV ecosystem to drive advancements in technology and meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Vehicle electrification

eMobility is a new business that combines elements of our Electrical and Vehicle businesses to deliver electric vehicle solutions to passenger car, commercial vehicle and off-highway OEMs.

EV charging

Integrate EV chargers and make the most of renewable energy produced on site while managing energy flows and planning power capacity. We help you build, maintain or upgrade buildings with a comprehensive set of EV chargers, power management systems and advanced software so that you meet regulations, optimize earnings and reduce CO2 footprint.

  • AC charging

Learn more about our charging solutions for the most common EV charging types. Our offer
includes chargers ranging from 3.5 kW to 22 kW power output. They are compact in design and offer
various features and functions to meet your EV charging needs. The ability to be wall-mounted or
floor-mounted offers flexibility when installing.

  • DC Charging

Learn more about our charging solutions for fast and rapid charging. DC fast chargers take between
15 and 45 minutes to charge most passenger electric vehicles up to 80 percent—making it quick and
easy to charge on the go.

  • EV charging software

Dedicated to enable the future of e-Mobility by providing the most open, secure and robust
charging network everywhere, a charging platform based on the cloud server makes it simple and
convenient to meet the diverse demands of charger operators, charging users and e-Mobility service
providers. We provide everything you need to offer a complete EV charging solution.