Conduit, cable & wire management

Time-tested, field-proven conduit raceway and supports, cable tray and ladder systems, fittings and cable glands that provide pathways for moving power simply and safely in any electrical installation.

Assembled Electrical Boxes / Pre-Fab

Improve job site efficiency and properly align skilled resources to meet tight commercial construction project deadlines.  Our PRE-formance™ solutions give you the convenience of a pre-fabricated product, plus the flexibility to accommodate job-site requirements.

Boxes and covers

We have assembled one of the most complete box and cover product lines in the business with its Crouse-Hinds series.  We lead in quality and selection throughout the offering, and you’ll find innovative products and solutions that save labor, cut material costs and increase productivity.

Cable glands & cord grips

Our global offering provides a termination solution for virtually every cable type used in hazardous, industrial, and commercial environments.  Designed for strict adherence to global specifications meeting North American and international codes and standards including NEC, CEC, ATEX, IECEx and regional certifications.

Datacomm and low voltage supports and fasteners

When it comes to cable management solutions for data centers and light-duty commercial, low-voltage telecommunication and network cable organization, you can rely on our B-Line series solutions. 

Our cable hooks, j-hooks, bridle rings and more provide an ideal solution to easily and quickly install your cable pathways.

In fact, our j-hook are used to support all category 5/5e/6, fiber optic, inner duct and low-voltage cable, and are available as single cable retainers or single- or double-sided, multi-tiered cable hooks.

Conduit bodies, covers and outlet boxes

Time tested and field-proven Condulet™ conduit bodies and outlet boxes move power simply and safely in any commercial, industrial, and hazardous area electrical installation.

Conduit Seals

Conduit sealing fittings that provide ventilation in enclosures, prevent  accumulation of moisture in electrical systems, and prevent the passage of gases, vapors, and flames through conduit runs into other portions of an electrical installation.

Environmental Seals/Fire Seals

Environmental seals are a quick, economical way to seal around conduit in concrete walls, floors and casings. 


Our Crouse-Hinds series fittings provide long-lasting service in commercial, industrial and residential construction. Outstanding quality, breadth of offering, and innovative products deliver real value.  Our fittings deliver dependable performance, labor savings and lower installed cost, all from a single source.

Fixture Hangers and Poles

Luminaire hangers are used for pendant suspension of incandescent, H.I.D., and fluorescent industrial luminaires. Telescoping Safety Light Poles increase safety and decrease labor costs associated with lighting installation and routine maintenance. 

Strut systems and accessories

Our B-Line series strut systems, also known as bolted framing, provides an economical solution for virtually any commercial, industrial, Petro-Chem, mining, infrastructure or data center support application.