5571 POL Command Center (PCC)

The Nokia 5571 Passive Optical LAN Command Center (PCC) is an advanced management solution optimized for performance and usability in enterprise environments. As part of the Nokia Optical LAN solution, the Nokia 5571 PCC provides a highly intuitive environment for configuration, auto-activation, fault reporting, troubleshooting, maintenance and much more. The 5571 PCC shields the network manager from the network’s complexity and gives an efficient tool for every aspect of day-to-day operations.

The Nokia 5571 PCC takes our experience of managing over 160 million access lines and applies it to the unique needs of the LAN. Pre-defined tasks tailored for specific usage types make it easy to activate new services. Adding new endpoints to the network is simple thanks to ONT auto-activation. If any issues do arise, our advanced troubleshooting and alarm management tools will get you straight to the root of the problem.


• Intuitive, feature-rich, web-based user interface

• Realistic network views using your floor plans

• Easy navigation to network elements and their physical locations

• Pre-defined service definitions for each usage type

• Custom service definition and automated provisioning

• Discovery and auto activation of new OLTs

• Bulk copy of provisioned ONTs

• Intuitive alarm views


• Reduces operational costs through ease of use

• Provides clear and up-to-date records of network elements and their physical locations

• Provides reliable and consistent service provisioning through pre-defined service definitions

• Simplifies network growth with automated ONT discovery and activation

• Imports existing Optical LAN services into PCC that were configured using command line interface (CLI)

• Streamlines network changes and upgrades with ONT replacement and move tools

• Verifies your service level agreements (SLAs) using graphed metrics

• Simplifies the search for network issues through intuitive troubleshooting tasks