Afiintra provide customization software in digital signage solutions to impact customer, prospects at the point-of-decision with digital signs and displays. How a tailored digital signage software can benefit to you and your industry.


Content Manager is a solution for design, develop, deploy and manage the digital signage. You can include interactive interfaces, on-demand or live data, and disseminate information across digital signs, interactive kiosks, desktop computers and more.

Content Manager Features

  • User friendly interface
  • Preview capability
  • Advanced wayfinding features
  • 3rd party data integration
  • Support for all standard digital content types
  • Scalability for single or multi-tier setup
  • Zero-touch message triggering
  • User security
  • Cloud computing support
  • One touch deployment


Content Manager has been architected to be easy to use. With a drag-and-drop user interface, built-in layout editor, availability of pre-made templates, WYSIWYG preview capabilities, the solution gives you an intuitive, easy to navigate tool to design, develop and manage all your digital signage.


Content Manager Live Data editor allows your digital signage to communicate directly with the other systems in your environment. Changes made to your data sources are automatically reflected within your digital signage network. Seamlessly integrate data from SQL, Excel, CSV, XML, RSS, Social Media and many more.


Advanced wayfinding functionality allows designer to make changes in the software without the need for custom programming. Location mapping, path creation and details location information will be all manage in a user friendly and dynamic data driven way without any static hard code.


Content Player software is installed on the computers that power your digital signage, receives the apps you’ve built in Content Manager and play those over your network 24/7. With the ability to cache your content on the player computer, Content Player software will not over-tax your network. Issues and statistics are logged and reported back to Content Manager and maintenance tasks like purging unused content, scheduling reboots and powering displays can be controlled remotely, robust and highly reliable.


Flexibility is essential in communicating with your audience and we understand that each organization has its own network and hardware requirements. We offer multiple options for the Content Player software so you have the freedom to select the option that works best for your organization’s preferences.

Content Manager Features

  • Administrator security
  • Hacking protection
  • Cloud computing support
  • Non-touch, single touch or multi user multi touch capability
  • Automatic contents updates
  • Automatic new software version updates


The Remote Management Software equipped with the latest remote management capabilities. Monitor multiple Content Players in a single user interface. Deliver hands-on remote support. When needed gather real time hardware and software information. Remotely help to resolve issues quickly.  Designed to operate over the LAN or WAN, securely and without need for firewall configuration.

Remote Manager Features

  • User friendly interface
  • User security
  • Cloud computing support
  • Show all the location of all the Content Players
  • Connectivity of the Content Players
  • Screen capture on Content Players current display
  • Health status of the Content Player
    • CPU usage
    • Memory usage
    • Available hard disk space
  • Content Player reboot
  • CCTV monitoring

Let our customization digital signage solutions increase your return on investment and do more with your digital signage systems today. Maximize the benefits of your digital signage network while reducing costs of operation. And always, better looking content gets noticed and has a greater impact!

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